Rande Scott is a certified Master Reiki Practitioner

Rande is an accomplished sound technician, using sound scientifically through his voice
to create Health and Wellness in the Mental, Emotional, and Physical Body.

Over the years, Rande has become known for his beautiful smile and his alluring voice. Once while shooting a television commercial, he was told by the producer: “Your smile will light up the world!”  Rande did not know what this meant for many years, as he went on to act in numerous Film and TV projects (view his Entertainment page).

In-between his acting jobs, Rande took on other trades and did work for a Fortune 500 company, he dabbled in marketing – and he even went off to Alaska to work for a salmon cannery. While in Alaska, he had sublime time to ponder life’s universal questions and began asking through his deepest yearning: “As humans, what makes us tick? Who are we? Why are we here? What do we enjoy? Why do we suffer?”

In his own words, Rande says if he were to divulge all of his amazing life-experiences in full detail, it would take the rest of this lifetime to explain. Instead, to sum it all up, he will let it be known that he is The Man he is Today because of these explicit life-experiences. Rande explored the drug world, two near-death experiences, studies bits and pieces of most religions, studied ancient scriptures the Vedas and many other truth seeking esoteric information as he calls it “wisdom of the ages”. He always had a vision to redistribute wealth for the sake of Humanity , but got involved with the wrong people when it came to wealth, as the Good Lord pointed out “wolves in sheep clothing” The wolves almost destroyed him causing him to loose everything even his good name , landing him in a jail cell for a brief moment because the wolves needed a sheep to take responsibility  

It was the accumulation of these life-experiences and human suffering that inevitably forced him to his knees, into to his own inner prayer cycle, and awakened him to his own inner truth.

It was through his inner truth that he was given not only the smile he was told about years ago – he had come to realize that what made it all happen – and what made it all possible – was the energy coming through his heart and the sound coming through his voice that would help to heal and awaken us! (see his sound healing page for more).

Rande realized that sound and energy can bring us to love. Love is the answer to everything. Rande says understanding love, energy, and sound is a science which brings us inner peace. The peace we all strive for by getting as much “stuff” as we can and then realizing it is not “the stuff” that brings us peace. It is truly about letting go and being simple (living simply) which brings the peace. Rande has realized this and he is teaching others to do the same. (see his Testimonials page).

Rande now lives within the balance of peace and has healed his life emotionally, mentally, physically, and financially – and he has developed an in-depth wisdom on how love can transform our lives.

Let him show you the way.

“The Awakening is the Healing, and the Healing is the Awakening.”
~ from Rande Scott Worcester’s book: “Pull the Pins Out”

To know more about what sound healing can do for you, see sound healing

Thank you for visiting and I hope I can be of service.  ~ R a n d e 

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