Join us this Monday February 20th at 5:00 PM Eastern / 10:00PM GMT / 2:00 PM PST

For the welcome return of Rande with his theme:

Sound Awakening “Find your peace and well being through Sound and Divine Intelligence”



Rande combines Reiki with his techniques in Sound Awakening and they work together in unison to heal many aspects of ourselves. There has been much opening up in this field lately as not only a healing but an awakening to deeper consciousness, a bridge to other dimensions where the resonant frequency comes forth of love and divine wisdom.

”Hi my name is Rande , and I have been given this gift to share with all of humanity. I have found in my studies and with my clients that I am like a medicine, and one session surely will give you peace and relieve some pain etc.  BUT, The real essence of my work or gift comes from ongoing sessions which brings evolvement which happens from understanding what really the mind is, how resonate frequency works, how to go deeper in consciousness, how to empty your mind of learned knowledge and open it to divine intelligence which lies dormant in each and every one of us.

So I have decided to make all this available to everyone seeking how to go on this journey beyond the mind, beyond the reading of books, and analyzing – using logic mind ego.

Now allow sound to enter into pure consciousness to experience your intelligence beyond this dimension, and awaken to your true purpose in this lifetime by revealing to you all that you are.

Book now as I will only accept 11 people per month.


$40 – one 30-minute introductory session

$250 – TWO WEEKLY one-hour sessions @ one month (8 sessions)

$350 – THREE WEEKLY one-hour sessions @ one month (12 sessions)


I will be doing live video on my page starting in March.

Watch for the event page for times and dates on my FaceBook page.