Sound Healing


Rande combines Reiki with his techniques in
Sound Healing and they work together
in unison to heal many aspects of ourselves.

Sacred Toning Therapy Helps
Multiple Physical Disorders Such As:

● Dissolves and reduces cellular trauma
● Relieves pain
● Cures disease
● Relieves sleep disorders (e.g insomnia)
● Reduces inflammation
● PreSurgery and PostSurgery
● Physical therapy

The Health Benefits of Sacred Toning:

● Accelerates physical DNA healing
● Increases production of Hyaluronic Acid
● Increases energy level
● Lowers stress level
● Cellular tissue and muscle healing
● Increases serotonin levels and uplifts the mood
● Relief from emotional issues
● Discovery of purpose in life
● Peace of mind
● Becoming aware of a new direction in life
● Releasing blocks that have been holding one back from unfulfilled desires
● Ability to let go of unwanted life habits
● Relaxation